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Some testimonials from some our past listeners.

Reverend Robin DeAngelis
Linda and Karen Schrader and their groundbreaking work are a gift to not only the church, but to society. Their courage in sharing their personal story to help open hearts and minds is praiseworthy. They have been active leaders in our congregation and are loved and respected by all. Their work is life-changing and life affirming and it is a privilege to be their pastor.  Reverend Robin DeAngelis Spring Hill United Church of Christ
Sherry Raymond
I have known Karen and Linda Schrader for more than two years. Together we serve on the Social Justice Committee at our church. Members of this group work to raise awareness regarding specific types and instances of discrimination and injustice. Our hope is to promote the understanding that everyone requires and deserves the same opportunities and rights (.social, economic, and political). Karen and Linda are personal friends and I readily praise their individual talents and skills (artistic, technical, culinary), but I specifically wish to commend the remarkable ability of each to share a very personal journey. They are extremely effective communicators. As each relates her story, audience members learn of Karen's life as a transgender child and her struggle (for decades) to represent herself as the person she knows herself to he. As Karen' s wife, Linda discloses her range of perspectives and feelings as she moved from awareness to acceptance. Karen and Linda's love and respect for one another is evident, but they openly acknowledge the sad and rough times of earlier years. Together, they have a unique ability to reach and inform all listeners. The audience of which l was a part reacted with a standing ovation when Karen and Linda completed their presentation. One man noted that they had, --opened his eyes!-- Linda and Karen have addressed audiences at several venues, including college campuses and public school systems as well as our church. They have an important story to tell and they do so with honesty, sensitivity, and with humor. As an elementary school teacher I confirm the need for educational forums that address transgender concerns. As an elementary school teacher, parent, Sunday School teacher and proponent of social justice, I recommend (without reservation) that Linda and Karen Schrader be scheduled to address your audiences. Please feel free to contact me with questions. or for additional information. Sincerely, Sherrie M. Raymond
Al Niehuis Sheriff
Sheriff  - Hernando County Sheriffs Office
Dear Karen and Linda, I wanted to personally thank you for donating your time to present at our most recent School Resource Officer meeting. Training is a crucial element to ensure deputies are as prepared as they can be for the issues they encounter on a daily basis. It is my understanding that your presentation was delivered in a professional manner that encourages a non-judgmental environment. Once again, thank you for taking the time to educate our School Resource Officers. Sincerely, Al Nienhuis Sheriff
Jessica White
Director of Student Activities  - Pasco Hernando State College
It is my honor to write this letter of recommendation for Linda and Karen Schrader. I have worked with the Schrader's for over seven years. The impact of the message they share with students reached my ears through the students before I was able to witness it first hand. The depth and richness of Karen and Linda’s story is one that captivates the audience, and they have shared their story many times in the hopes of raising awareness of what true love means. Their story about long term marriages in LGBT relationships and focus on transgender lives allows people to understand a subject not discussed by people in America. It is their mission to remove the barriers of fear, misunderstanding and prejudice from as many people’s minds as possible. This couple has displayed extreme courage by speaking so openly about such a taboo topic in Pasco and Hernando Counties where known hate groups are prevalent. Please take the time to meet with them. Once you hear their story you will know that they are living examples of how you can further your mission to bring educational messages to your audience that helps create an understanding of others and the knowledge it takes to have an inclusive culture in your organization or group. Please, do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions. Sincerely, Jessica White Director of Student Activities 727.816.3764 whitej@phsc.edu
Marcia Hilty
Re: Our Thanks and Recommendation Linda and Karen: Please accept the sincere thanks of the Guardian ad Litem Program for your excellent presentation to our Volunteers. As you know, our Guardians are the "voice of the children" in the Hernando County Courts when they are thrust into a situation of dependency, neglect or abuse. Many of these children are faced with the additional complicating factor of caregivers/parents who cannot or will not accept the fact that their son or daughter identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning. This is an extremely difficult time for these children and the Guardian ad Litem Program is committed to effectively representing these deserving youth. Your educational presentation to our Guardians provided first-hand, compassionate information which will enable our volunteers to more effectively represent these youth through the Dependency Court system and to hopefully provide them with the information and tools to guide them as they grow. We are deeply grateful and thank you for your program and highly recommend it to any person or organization interested in becoming more enlightened in this most critical area of youth development. Respectfully, Marcia Hilty Director, Guardian ad Litem Program for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida
Pasco Hernando State College
“This was a moving lecture that gave students and staff an intimate look at the struggles and triumphs of this remarkable couple in their journey to find their true identities.”  
Pasco Hernando State College
“Having been to seminars similar to this before I knew what to expect, but I have never heard such personal experiences. Touching upon the medical field, I now know how the LGBT community feels and I can make an even larger attempt to spread tolerance but more importantly acceptance.”  
Pasco Hernando State College
“Didn’t really understand transgender but now I understand. I also didn’t realize how severe hate issues were. A lot of interesting information."  
Pasco Hernando State College
“Incredible story of strength and finding yourself.”