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Running a little behind.

Well, as you can see the highly anticipated road trip in our RV was delayed. We took some short in state trips to see if we missed anything or other things popped up. Well, they did pop up. So we are delayed now until at least Spring. Our RV is an older girl and she needs lots of TLC. We will give her all she needs so she gets back to being road safe and comfortable.

We’ve been lucky, thus far its only been minor annoyances but they are time consuming ones. Even with the delay we are still speaking and expect to do so even more. It always seems to get a little slow around the holidays so until after New Year we’ll stay busy with refurbishing our RV.

I am still undecided as to weather we will try to maintain a blog. There are just times when there is nothing going on like now over the holiday months. We love being able to catch up with the people we have spoken with in the past who follow us. It is always rewarding to get facebook friend requests and private messages after speaking to groups of 150-200 people. We really LOVE the one on one time after a large event where individuals will come up to talk with Linda or I and when they finish with one of us they go to the other.

I think that is one of the reasons we are as popular as we are. We do not rush to leave a venue because our scheduled time is up. We have spent 3 hours on a  1.5 hour contract and we loved it. After clearing out of a venues space we have had people walking us to our car and talked the whole way out. Sometimes we spend another 30 minutes in the parking lot.. LOL  We make so many new friends and ally’s that way.

Our website is progressing slowly but it is moving forward. Now if we can get WordPress to stop updating the program every 48 hours we might be able to keep up. This will likely be our last post for a while unless something pops up. We’ve spoken recently for a training workshop with Sheriffs deputies and at a University with future Doctors, Surgeons, PA’s and Pharmacists. We love the holidays but we are so much happier when we are busy speaking. 🙂

Reach out to us via the contact page. There is no listed email so we can avoid all of the junk emails in our inbox. We will post a phone number in the future. We are deciding which carrier would be best for access across the country and plan to obtain a number where we will eventually end up staying permanently. We’re considering southern California but Arizona is an option so for now, email is the best and fastest way to reach us for scheduling and pricing information.

Enjoy your holidays everyone, hug your families and let them know you love them know matter what.

Karen Michelle Schrader

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Karen Michelle

Karen has 8 years of experience speaking publicly teaching others about transgender persons, their families and friends through the sharing of her own journey of over 40 years with her wife Linda. As an vocal advocate for transgender respect and equality she is a leader in her community.


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