Linda and Karen met in 1973, were married in 1980, raised 4 children and have had a relationship that now spans 4 decades.

Karen a transgender woman transitioned in 2009 from male to female to be her true self and their relationship is stronger than it has ever been. They are truly a living example that love conquers ALL! 

Both are public speakers and advocates serving the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ+) communities. They are certified as trainers and meeting facilitators through multiple nonprofit and governmental organizations.

Educators and Public Speakers

They are educators and public speakers vetted by the United States Department of Justice to train law enforcement personnel. They advise the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of a Multicultural Advisory Committee how best to interact with victims and offenders during an investigation that involves the FBI and the LGBTQ+ community with a specific focus on interaction with transgender persons. They most recently played a role with providing the Dept of Justice with connections to community leaders and organizations in Orlando, Florida after the Pulse Night club shooting.  

A Love Story

When you hear their personal story you will walk with them through the years and will experience firsthand the love and commitment they have for one another and for all others.  

Where ever this couple goes they move their audiences to join them on their journey helping others to learn to respect and hopefully come to appreciate all of this worlds diversity! 

If you are looking to learn the truth about transgender persons, you will not find a better couple to hear it from!

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Meet the Speakers

Karen Michelle Schrader

Karen loves to speak along side of Linda her wife of 38 years. She is an advocate for LGBTQ+ equality, an ally to students and determined in her mission to help anyone who will hear her story to overcome the fears and bias against transgender people.

She loves to travel and discover new places, spend time on the water in a Kayak or a Cruise Ship and sit by a campfire or the seaside with the love of her life Linda.

Together with Linda they travel to where ever there are people willing to learn something they may not completely understand.

She tells her story from an early age when she discovered who she truly was and how the support of ones parents or the lack of can make the world of difference in the life of a child.

They tell their personal journey as a married couple and how working together they overcame the obstacles that stood in front of them and their relationship growing stronger in their commitment to each other.

Take the journey with them as individuals and a team and experience life, love and romance from a different perspective.

Linda Schrader

Linda loves standing along side of Karen and sharing their love story with others.

She is an advocate, educator and a leader on a mission to educate others on a community of people so often misunderstood.

Linda takes her years of corporate training experience and together with Karen helps others to understand the transgender community in a way that breaks down barriers.

There are no strangers to Linda only people she hasn't met yet. She is such a kind and loving person that she has the uncanny ability to to make a friend anywhere she goes.

She is a fierce advocate for transgender equality and speaks from a life time of experience.

Together she and Karen make a wonderful team.

What some of our clients say

Jessica White

Jessica White

Director of Student Activities

I have worked with the Schrader's for over seven years. The impact of the message they share with students reached my ears through the students before I was able to witness it first hand.

The depth and richness of Karen and Linda’s story is one that captivates the audience, and they have shared their story many times in the hopes of raising awareness of what true love means.

Their story about long term marriages in LGBT relationships and focus on transgender lives allows people to understand a subject not discussed by people in America.

It is their mission to remove the barriers of fear, misunderstanding and prejudice from as many people’s minds as possible.

Al Nienhuis

Al Nienhuis

Hernando County Sheriff

Dear Karen and Linda,

I wanted to personally thank you for donating your time to present at our most recent School Resource Officer meeting.

Training is a crucial element to ensure deputies are as prepared as they can be for the issues they encounter on a daily basis. It is my understanding that your presentation was delivered in a professional manner that encourages a non-judgmental environment.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to educate our School Resource Officers.

Al Nienhuis Sheriff

Marcia Hilty

Marcia Hilty

Director, Guardian ad Litem Program for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida

Please accept the sincere thanks of the Guardian ad Litem Program for your excellent presentation to our Volunteers.

As you know, our Guardians are the "voice of the children" in the Hernando County Courts when they are thrust into a situation of dependency, neglect or abuse. Many of these children are faced with the additional complicating factor of caregivers/parents who cannot or will not accept the fact that their son or daughter identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning.
This is an extremely difficult time for these children and the Guardian ad Litem Program is committed to effectively representing these deserving youth.

Your educational presentation to our Guardians provided first-hand, compassionate information which will enable our volunteers to more effectively represent these youth through the Dependency Court system and to hopefully provide them with the information and tools to guide them as they grow.

We are deeply grateful and thank you for your program and highly recommend it to any person or organization interested in becoming more enlightened in this most critical area of youth development.

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Vetted speakers for the United States Department of Justice.

Law Enforcement Trainers for the USDOJ.

Provide resources to the DOJ and FBI to assist with LGBTQ Human Trafficking victims and victims of a major crime.

Training for properly interacting and questioning LGBTQ victims or perpetrators of crime conducive to getting the answers sought during an investigation.

Trained and Certified

Certified Trainers in multiple disciplines.

Certified Train the Trainers for Education staff and administration.

Trained Human Resources Trainer for providing training in HR departments to understand the needs of the LGBTQ+ employees and their leadership teams.

Proven Quality

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